Friday, February 4, 2011

Bless the Lord

"BEHOLD, BLESS the Lord, all servants of the Lord, who serve by night in the house of the Lord! Lift up your hands to the sanctuary and bless the Lord. May the Lord bless you from Zion, He who made heaven and earth."
                                                                     Psalm 134 (NAS)

In this Psalm King David is exhorting all those who were assigned to sing and minister to the Lord in the Tabernacle. You could say they were "professional" singers and worshipers, it was their job to continually praise the Lord and exalt Him 24 hours a day. What an incredible job and experience this must have been.

As New Testament Believers we too are exhorted from this Psalm to continually bless the Lord, at all times and in all circumstances. We are kings and priests to the Lord, and it is marvelous to know that we can bless the Lord at anytime. We do not need to be in church or with other Believers, we are exhorted to bless the Lord at all times.

Today, let us set aside some time to worship and bless Jesus and exalt Him; because He is worthy.

Lord Jesus, I bless Your name today. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords, You made the heavens, the earth and everything in it. I praise You that You are King of all. Thank you for life, and all the blessings You have given me, may I never forget each one. I praise You Lord. Amen. 

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  1. Good word Phillip! Keep encouraging and exhorting!